Fascinating video gives driver’s view of London-Glasgow train journey

A fascinating new video series has revealed what a London to Glasgow train journey looks like from the perspective of a driver.

Avanti West Coast has released an eight-part series for anyone who is missing travelling on the West Coast Main Line during the coronavirus pandemic

Tales From The Tracks, which was recorded during the lockdown, is filmed from inside the driver’s cab of an iconic Pendolino 390001 train with a front-mounted digital camera

The footage is narrated by experienced drivers Darran Townsend and Dave Egerton, who impart their knowledge alongside views of stunning scenery. 

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The series was filmed inside of an Avanti West Coast train. (Getty)

Egerton said: “I’m so proud to say I’m a train driver. I really couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else,

“It’s a real privilege to have been able to chat with Darran and share some insight in what it’s like to drive high-speed trains. 

“There can’t be many better office windows.”

Preston Driver Team manager Townsend is a third-generation railwayman, while Egerton is based out of Manchester Piccadilly.

The two drivers relate facts about the West Coast Main Line ranging from the Great Train Robbery in 1963 to the accidental 114mph record-breaking steam engine to Crewe in 1937.

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The series was filmed on the London to Glasgow route. (Avanti West Coast)

The series also gives a glimpse of the M1 and Kilsby tunnel instalment and shows the train speeding at 125mph through Rugby station. 

As the series draws to a close it features the beautiful architecture of Glasgow Central station, the last stop.

The Pendolino featured took four hours and 55 minutes to complete the London Euston to Glasgow Central route, travelling at an average speed of 82mph.

Avanti West Coast is hoping to inspire a new generation of train drivers with the videos, which can be viewed on its website.

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