Train-obsessed toddler has day made after getting to make announcements on London Underground platform

This is the adorable moment London Underground worker lets a train-obsessed toddler announce an incoming train.

Footage shows five-year-old Sami Sementilli alongside the London Underground worker as they prepare to announce the arrival of a train.

Sami and mother Ifat were at Bank station in central London after spending a weekend in King's Lynn, Norfolk with his grandparents.

Ifat told SWNS: "I was actually explaining to my son what the employee's role was and he overheard so he asked my son if he would like a go.

"I thought he was joking so I was surprised but also happy that my son could have a go as he won’t realise now but when he’s older he will realise what a privilege it was to do it."

Adding: "He’s always copied what the train workers say in play but making an announcement has never been something he’s really thought he could do."

Ifat said that other passengers along the platform smiled and laughed as they watched on at Sami's new role as train announcer.

The Transport for London employee who was more than happy to oblige Sami's request even commented on the viral video saying: "He was very confident bless him, I’m glad this made his day; anything to make children happy. I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday!"

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