Trainer shares 10-minute home workout that burns belly fat fast - with no equipment

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Shedding that stubborn belly fat can be quite the task, but a fresh workout routine is offering hope with promises of swift and effective outcomes. This beginner-friendly regimen requires just 10 minutes each morning and caters to those who've been out of the exercise loop for some time.

A menopause coach known as Siobhan on TikTok has introduced a standing workout that's gentle on the joints yet zeroes in on the abs. The focus is on simple yet potent moves that hone in on the midsection, bolstering core stability.

Siobhan showcased the straightforward routine, which involves alternating knee tucks while standing. Her caption read: "Ladies of a certain age. Flatten that belly with this fast routine you can do at home. All you need is 10 minutes every morning."

"This beginner workout is great even if you haven't exercised in years! ".

Her followers have praised the routine for its simplicity and convenience. One commented: "This is perfect for my busy mornings and a great way to ease into exercise", reports Bristol Live.

Another chimed in: "I'm impressed Keep going :))) honestly I can't believe how much u have improved ! No matter what ur beautiful just keep going Xx".

For a comprehensive approach to trimming belly fat, experts also recommend a diet rich in nutrients that foster hormonal equilibrium, including leafy greens, lean proteins, and whole grains.