Spain to deploy police in Ukraine to assist war crime investigations

68th Annual Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Madrid

MADRID (Reuters) - Spanish police will deploy in Ukraine over the coming weeks to help investigate alleged war crimes, Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez told the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Madrid on Monday.

An advance delegation of Spanish police officials has already arrived in Kyiv to meet with representatives of the Ukrainian public prosecutor's office, the Spanish Interior Ministry said.

In their initial meeting, the two countries established the terms of cooperation and specified the areas of deployment, the ministry said.

Spanish officers are set to work alongside Ukrainian investigators and prosecutors in the collection of evidence that could be incorporated into cases probing alleged violations of international law following Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February.

Sanchez also announced that a new training center for Ukrainian troops in the central Spanish city of Toledo will start operating at the end of November.

(Reporting by Belén Carreño; writing by David Latona; Editing by Inti Landauro and Andrei Khalip)