Trains, flights cancelled for Thursday strike over French pension reform

Most trains will be cancelled in France on Thursday, with flights also affected and Paris’ subway heavily disrupted, as part of a nationwide strike against the government’s plan to make people work longer before they can retire.

Opinion polls show a vast majority of French oppose the planned reform, which would see the retirement age pushed from 62 to 64, and Thursday will be a test of whether this can transform into a major headache for the government.

Unions have called workers to massively walk out of their job on Jan. 19 and take to the streets across France. The government has said it will stand its ground and called on workers not to paralyse the country.

Only one in three to one in five high-speed TGV lines will be operating, and only one in ten local TER trains, the SNCF train operator said.

International traffic on the Eurostar and Thalys lines is set to be nearly normal, while the Lyria connection with Switzerland will be heavily disrupted and other international train connections will be entirely cancelled.

In Paris, the vast majority of RER commuter trains will be cancelled, while three metro lines will be entirely shut down and many others will be disrupted, the RATP metro operator said.

Meanwhile, one in five flights to and from Paris’ Orly airport are set to be cancelled.


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