Trains stop to allow elephants to cross railway tracks in West Bengal, India

Train drivers in West Bengal have another hazard to look out for when using railways through the forest: elephants! Two videos show patient drivers giving the wandering jumbos time to get across the tracks before the trains proceed. In one, the alert pilots of a train stopped the engine to facilitate an elephant crossing the tracks in eastern India's West Bengal. The incident took place on a railway track between Nagrakata and Chalsa on May 29. Reports credited Loco Pilot AK Misra and Assistant Loco Pilot Abishek Shaw of train 15468, Bamanhat-Siliguri Special, with the swift action to preserve both elephant and passenger safety. In another clip from West Bengal, a train stopped to let an elephant pass on May 29. The train was the SGUJ-Alipurduar Jn Intercity train travelling between Gulma and Sivok. That time it was drivers Jitendra Kumar and S Kundu that paused the train's progress just in time to let the pachyderm pass. The animal was then seen walking into the forest after crossing the tracks.

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