Tramlines: Relief as music festival stays in Hillsborough Park - but for many the debate rumbles on

Tramlines turned Hillsborough Park into a mud bath. Photo: Dean Atkins
Tramlines turned Hillsborough Park into a mud bath. Photo: Dean Atkins

Some Sheffielders are relieved Tramlines will stay in Hillsborough - but for many the debate rumbles on.

Sheffield City Council said the popular music festival would remain in Hillsborough Park despite causing a mud bath that closed large areas for months.

The music festival boosted the city’s economy by £3.8m this year - at a time of ‘unprecedented’ public spending cuts, the authority says. And fees from organisers - £33,500 in 2021 - help pay to run more than 800 parks and green spaces. Meanwhile, 40,000 fans spend money on hotels, food, drink and transport, boosting local suppliers and creating jobs. But only Hillsborough Park can accommodate the numbers, the council says.

On The Star’s Facebook page, Gillie Lane said: “Yes!!!! I’m doing a happy dance.”

Jonny Harrison: “Cracking news, roll on next year.”

Chris Pocklington: “Once in a while you get rain like that at Tramlines. Happy it's staying in Hillsborough.”

Richard Rose: “Whileever people moan about this we will always be a small minded city. Always in the shadow of Leeds. It’s a public park being used by the public. NIMBYism at its finest.”

Corinne Searles: “Grass grows.”

Mark Headley mocked the Hillsborough Parkrun weekly race which was cancelled for weeks.

He wrote: “But what about my Parkrun? I can only run on fresh grass. It's ruined my 10 minutes on a Sunday morning.”

Alan Bearder thought residents should vote out those responsible.

“I hope the local residents remember the mess the park was left in after the festival at the next local elections. The council seem to hope local residents have short memories when it comes to making important decisions.”

And, as ever, a lot of people had alternative ideas.

Dennis M Heald: “Graves Park is loads bigger.”

Louissa Jl: “Get it on Parson Cross Park.”

Ian Turley: “Hold it in the old John Lewis building! Perfect! Different floors for different music! Plus it has parking!”