Trampoline park faces 'further action' after damning food hygiene score

Philip Henry Booth outside Cardiff Crown Court during 2023 case over health and safety offences at Supajump trampoline park
-Credit: (Image: Cardiff Council)

A trampoline park could face criminal proceedings following a damning food hygiene inspection. It is the latest in a series of controversies for Supajump in Cardiff's Trident Trade Park, which last year was involved in a case that resulted in a suspended jail term for its owner.

An inspector who visited in March handed the indoor trampoline park and American diner a zero food hygiene score. Supajump was rated 'major improvement necessary' for both hygiene food handling and management of food safety and 'improvement necessary' for cleanliness and condition of facilities and building. WalesOnline sent a Freedom of Information request for the inspector's report but Cardiff Council said this could not be provided because there was still potential for "criminal proceedings".

A council spokesman told us the case was "legally ongoing" and that "as the business was awarded with a food hygiene rating of zero we are currently investigating and this may result in further enforcement action". When we put this to Supajump owner Philip Booth he said he was not aware of any potential criminal investigation though he confirmed the business had received an improvement notice from the council ordering "a series of things they wanted doing".

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"It was all about cleanliness," he said. "The downstairs ice cream fridge was dirty, they wanted us to put a wash hand basin downstairs, put lino down in the sweet shop area, defrost the fridge, the slushy machine needed deep-cleaning, one of the coffee machines was spilling over powdered milk all the time, and we needed a paper towel dispenser by the upstairs wash hand basin," he said.

"There was astroturf on the floor in the sweet shop and now there's lino instead because it's easier to clean. We've done all that. It was nothing to do with the food sale. All that was okay." Asked if anyone was put at risk he said: "No, I can tell you that."

He argued that if the business had posed a danger "they'd have closed me down". Although the trampoline park was recently closed for a period Mr Booth said this was because of an issue with the landlord rather than food hygiene concerns. "We've been complying with [the council] and we've done everything they've asked us to do. They'll be coming back again for final inspection." Mr Booth, who was speaking last Friday, said he would send us the inspector's food hygiene report. As of Tuesday afternoon we are yet to receive the document.

Mr Booth narrowly avoided jail last June after admitting six health and safety offences that happened between August 2017 and October 2019. Four children broke legs, another fractured her spine, and a sixth sustained facial injuries – and Booth failed to report the accidents to Cardiff Council. The 61-year-old was sentenced to a 10-month prison term suspended for 18 months while the company was ordered to pay £20,000.

WalesOnline then interviewed three other people who came forward with claims of injuries suffered at Supajump. All three cases involved jumps into a foam pit, and took place between 2017 and 2019 – including a woman who snapped her ankle in a horrifying moment caught on camera. You can read our coverage of those allegations here.