Travel fans praise 'genius' mobile phone flight hack – but others spot 'problem'

Photo of mobile phone screen with airplane e-ticket on it and blurred legs of unrecognisable person waiting for flight to depart
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

Forgetting things is a common occurrence when preparing for holidays.

So many people look out for tips or shortcuts that could ease the process.

And lucky for Instagram users, influencer and mum Mackenzie Biehl (@mackenziebiehl), who boasts a following of 220,000 on the site, shared a great one recently.

Mackenzie provides advice on topics such as hosting, fashion, family life, and of course, travelling. And in her recent video update, she decided to enlighten her followers about an unusual flight number trick one can do using their phone.

In the clip, Mackenzie says: "Here's a travel hack you'll want to know," then proceeds to explain how to perform the trick: "Simply text yourself the flight number, hold it down, tap preview flight."

She goes on to detail the benefits, explaining: "Now you'll know your terminal when it departs, the flight status and the baggage claim number."

Underneath the post, she urged her followers to "save this airport travel hack and share with a friend".

The hack was warmly received, amassing more than 7,800 likes and praise from people who had tried it out. One fan rejoiced: "Yes! I just did it from my flight tomorrow and it works! " While another user chimed in: "Wow! This really works! I am in Lisbon right now leaving for Paris tomorrow and I just did this and it pulled up my flight with all the information. Thank you so much for this helpful travel tip.."

A third individual commended: "Love it. Gonna give it a try."

Furthermore, another enthusiastic spectator revealed: "It worked! Whatever airlines you're in put their abbreviations like South West SW then numbers! And it works awesome."

However, others noted that Mackenzie's advice was limited to iPhone users. An Instagram user pointedly asked: "Why don't you mention this works only with Apple." Another chipped in: "Nice, but still not worth it if you have to buy an Apple phone."