Travel hack shows you how to keep your clothes crease-free for just £3

Close up shot, open suitcase full of clothes ready to travel.
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Many of us take the time to carefully pack our clothes before jetting off on holiday. Haphazardly stuffing them into suitcases can result in them arriving at your destination looking less than fresh.

Despite our best efforts to fold and organise them neatly, they can still end up creased and crumpled. Fortunately, there's a solution that could make all the difference.

Rather than struggling with unfamiliar hotel irons or requesting dry cleaning services, you can simply use a handy spray-on product.

Lenor Crease Releaser, often referred to as an "iron in a bottle", is available in supermarkets for as little as £3. Morrisons and Asda are among the retailers stocking it and numerous cleanfluencers have sung its praises too.

TikToker @cleanwith_kayleigh always packs the Lenor product when she travels. To prevent the liquid from spilling in her suitcase or taking up too much room, she transfers it into a travel-sized spray bottle, reports the Express.

In her video, Kayleigh advises: "Travel hack! Take your iron in a bottle with you. Add your Lenor Crease Releaser to a travel spray bottle! It's the perfect size for your suitcase and saves the hassle of ironing in the heat."

Once you arrive at your destination and unpack as usual, it's time to put the Crease Releaser to work. Lay your clothes out on any flat surface and then apply the product.

The Style Sisters have given their stamp of approval to the Lenor Crease Releaser, sharing their tip on Instagram @stylesisters. They told their followers: "Another little time-saving secret of ours is the Lenor Crease Releaser. Simply lay your creased clothes on a hard surface, give them a quick spritz, smooth and pull the fabric and watch the creases disappear before your eyes."

The videos showcasing the product's effectiveness have been met with enthusiasm from viewers. One impressed user exclaimed: "This is such a good idea! ".

Another commented: "Genius! " while another shared: "Oh how good is this! I couldn't be without my crease releaser! It saves me so much time."