UK to US travel news: Can I go to the US? The rules explained

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UK residents have faced travel restrictions to the US for more than a year (file photo) (AFP via Getty Images)
UK residents have faced travel restrictions to the US for more than a year (file photo) (AFP via Getty Images)

England is set to open its borders to allow US travellers who are fully vaccinated to enter without having to quarantine.

Similar to other amber list countries, travellers will still have to take a pre-departure test and a PCR test on the second day after arrival.

The UK government will also formally recognise vaccines approved by the US Food and Drug Administration or European Medicines Agency.

However, it may still be a while before Britons can travel to the US as the rules are different for travellers going the other way.

Confused? Read our explainer on the current travel rules to the US.

Which list is the US on?

The US is currently on the amber list.

This means that when the travel ban is lifted on Monday, fully vaccinated people will be able to travel from the US to the UK without having to quarantine.

Can I travel to the US?

Unfortunately UK residents still face restrictions on travel to the US.

Only citizens and permanent residents of the the US, as well as close family members and other limited visa holders, can enter from the UK at this time.

The rules state that travellers must not have been in the UK for any of the 14 days prior to arriving in the USA.

Although it’s not ideal, it does mean UK visitors can stop over in Mexico or another third party country that has no US banning order for a fortnight before taking a flight into the US.


When will UK travel ban to the US be lifted?

President Joe Biden said last week that an end date to the European travel ban could be announced “within days”.

Speaking at a conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Mr Biden said that discussions on when travel restrictions for Europe could be lifted were “in process now”.

However it is not clear whether this will include the UK or will apply to EU countries only.

How long has the travel ban been in place?

The US ban on travellers from the UK has been in effect for more than 16 months.

What is a vaccine certificate?

A Digital Covid Certificate is proof that a person has either been vaccinated against the virus received a negative test result or recovered from Covid-19.

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