Traveler rages over ‘inedible’ food and dirty airplane: ‘All I can say is ew!’

Sludge box
Sludge box

A Qantas Airlines passenger said his recent airline meal gave him some food for thought — but not consumption.

“All I can say with my recent experience is EW,” the flyer posted on Reddit in the Qantas Airways, Australia’s largest airline, thread a few days ago.

The poster showed photos of two meal boxes, one that revealed a bland-looking breakfast in a soggy box that contained eggs, sausage, hash browns and a tomato.

The other box was filled with potatoes and some kind of curry sauce.

In the comments section, the poster later said: “The breakfast was inedible and I’m not usually fussy with food. The potatoes were ok.”

In another photo, the poster revealed that there were napkins stuffed into the air conditioning vents to prevent water dripping on passengers. The poster also shared a picture of a dirty airplane window.

Qantas Airlines provided The Post with the following comment: “There are no flight details in the social media post so we don’t have specific information on what’s occurred, but all of our aircraft are cleaned with a disinfectant between flights and at the end of the day and undergo deep cleaning on a regular basis.”

“The presentation of one of the meals is not what they normally look like but generally we’ve had great feedback on the new dishes and the larger portions we’ve recently introduced,” their statement concluded.

A Redditor recently posted photos of his Qantas Airlines meal. Reddit
A Redditor recently posted photos of his Qantas Airlines meal. Reddit

Some of the Redditors wrote on the thread to express their outrage over the meals and the condition of the airplane.

“Omg what the hell is that box of sludge,” one said.

“Absolutely f–kin appalling! The food looks like someone defected into a box,” someone else wrote.

A third said: “They didn’t even put the food on the plane for my flight the other day. Landed in Sydney and they told us to trudge over about 10 gates to pick up something to take with us as we left. I was not wasting 20 minutes for a 6-month-old cookie.”

“Sorry, are you saying that those photos are from a recent Qantas flight? Because if so… What the actual F—K!?,” a fourth chimed in.

One commenter said it looked as though someone “defecated in a box.” Reddit
One commenter said it looked as though someone “defecated in a box.” Reddit

“I can’t even identify what is in those boxes — is it supposed to be food? If so, for… humans?? I’ve had better-looking meals at Taco Bell for $10, and they have refillable drinks,” their comment continued.

Another Redditor shared their theory on why the traveler had such a bad experience with Qantas.

“Sold/outsourced catering. Let a huge of people go from engineering/maintenance without regard for experience and qualifications, more maintenance sent OS, sacked ground staff/services, outsourced cleaning services. Lack of spare parts to fix defects. This is what you get,” they wrote in a post.

“The food is often dreadful, the cabins are a mess. Qantas used to have dedicated maintenance crews looking after cabin interiors and of course their own cleaning staff. Unfortunately the dripping from the overhead panels (air con ducting) is likely the result of condensation from extreme humidity and does happen time to time,” their post continued.