Traveller demands refund from Government for ‘rat-infested’ quarantine hotel

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A traveller has appealed to the Government to issue full refunds to those staying in a quarantine hotel which he says is infested with rats.

The 25-year-old man from York, identified only as Anthony, contacted his MP Rachael Maskell after he checked into the Mercure Hotel at Heathrow to quarantine under Government guidelines.

He told the Labour MP that since arriving in the UK on July 24, he had been forced to move rooms twice due to the rats, which the MP said were entering the room along poorly boxed-in pipes.

And Sky News reported he had now moved rooms for the third time.

But Mercure Hotels said there was no evidence to support the claim.

A spokesperson said: “An external pest control professional has checked the hotel and concluded no evidence of pest activity.

“We take complaints such as this very seriously. The safety of all our guests and staff members is of the utmost importance to us and continues to be our number one focus. The hotel continues to abide by all quarantine guidelines, cleaning protocols and safety measures as set out by the Government.”

In a statement issued via Ms Maskell, the MP for York Central, Anthony said: “I am disgusted and shocked that such a health and safety hazard was allowed to take place in a Government quarantine hotel which is costing me £1,750.

“I feel sick knowing rats have been in my room while I’ve been in here. If this was any normal hotel the customer would be offered a full immediate refund. No one should have to pay £1,750 to stay in a sub-standard hotel for 10 days with a rat infestation.”

He said: “The staff here know this has been going on for months as the manager explained on the phone, yet people are still been allowed to stay here.

“He also explained this is happening in other Government quarantine hotels.”

He added: “I hope the Government will be able to offer a full refund and compensation to myself and other guests who have been badly affected by the rat infestation and the extremely poor customer service from [quarantine booking service] CTM when trying to book the hotel in the first place.”

Ms Maskell has reported the situation to the Department of Health and Social Care.

She said: “Government is clearly failing the public, yet at huge public cost. Once again ministers have contracted out work to private companies and have lost sight of the people who, in this case, are forced to use these services.”

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