Treats Rain Down on Lowland Gorillas in Suburban Chicago Zoo for National Popcorn Day

Gorillas at the Brookfield Zoo, in suburban Chicago, celebrated National Popcorn Day on January 19, literally showered in popcorn during an enrichment exercise.

Footage taken in their enclosure shows popcorn falling on the western lowland gorillas, who collect and munch on the treats.

“Animal care staff air-popped the popular snack, and released it from timed feeders that are located in the Tropic World: Africa habitat,” wrote the zoo in a press release. “The timed feeders, which are part of the zoo’s enrichment program, allow various food items, including popcorn, to be released at random times during the day, encouraging the animals to forage.” Credit: Lynette Kleisner/Chicago Zoological Society via Storyful