Trees Fall on Cars Due to Strong Winds in San Francisco

Multiple cars were crushed by falling trees as strong winds lashed San Francisco, California, on March 22.

Video captured by Dominique Frideger shows police and firefighters working to clear the debris from cars and the road.

Fridger told Storyful he witnessed the large tree, shown in the video, fall on the white Chevy Tahoe while he was running along Kezar Drive after work.

“I was very aware of other tress possibly falling on me, and checked to make sure no one was hurt inside the white Chevy Tahoe,” Fridger said.

“No one was inside thankfully, but traffic was severely disrupted.”

The National Weather Service said strong wind gusts of 50 to 55 mph were observed the Bay Area. Credit: Dominique Frideger via Storyful

Video transcript

DOMINIQUE FRIDEGER: Oh my god. I was just running down the street and this tree just literally fell across the road. Holy [BLEEP]. I better not get hit by one of these trees right now. OK, here's where one tree already fell. This tree just fell maybe on this guy. Holy [BLEEP]. The middle of the street right now.