Trespassing Teens Narrowly Dodge Oncoming Train in Toronto

Three teenagers narrowly dodged an oncoming train in Toronto on Friday, May 20, Metrolinx said, as the transport agency issued a warning about rail safety.

According to Metrolinx, a Milton Line GO Train was crossing the Humber River overpass in Etobicoke when it narrowly missed hitting a trespasser “clinging to the fence on the edge of the bridge.”

The train crew then spotted two other teens ahead on the track “as if they were trying to outrun the train.”

“Incidents like this are too often tragic and life-altering – not only for loved ones but for the crew and first responders involved,” Metrolinx said. “The train crew slammed on their emergency brakes and blasted their horn.” The train missed one of the boys by only a foot, Metrolinx said.

More than 100 Canadians a year are seriously injured or killed while crossing or trespassing on railways, according to Operation Lifesaver. Credit: Metrolinx via Storyful

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