Trevor Noah to host EA games big reveal

Trevor Noah to host EA games big reveal

Cape Town - Local comedian and host of The Daily Show Trevor Noah will be hosting EA's big Battlefield V reveal.

The live reveal will take place on 23 May at 13:00 (Pacific Time) on YouTube and, Trevor announced on Twitter.

In the video Trevor also confirmed the title of the game: Battlefield V.

He says: "We've got big news," as he sips from a mug with a big "V" on the side. He also captioned the video, "v exciting."

As for why Trevor will be hosting the massive reveal, he says: "You know, like, what's my main job? I'm, like, five things. I'm a stand-up, I'm The Daily Show host, I'm an author, I'm a producer. But, first and foremost, I'm a gamer."