Trevor Noah rips 'scam' by former FBI agent Peter Strzok after firing

On Thursday’s The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, the host ripped into former FBI agent Peter Strzok, whose GoFundMe page has raised its goal twice after the first two targets were quickly met. Strzok was fired from the Mueller probe last year, then fired by the FBI earlier this week over text messages he exchanged that were critical of Donald Trump while he was investigating him during the 2016 campaign.

The GoFundMe page, which says it was started by “Friends of Special Agent Peter Strzok,” originally asked for $150,000 to cover legal fees and lost income. When that figure was reached, it was raised to $350,000. The ask is now $500,000. Supporters have been quick to give to Strzok, who has raised well over $400,000.

Noah began by asking, “How do people say, ‘This is the amount I need’ and then change the amount when they get it? … That’s not a thing.” He went on to imagine this happening in person, which of course would go very differently.

Daily Show correspondent Michael Kosta believes people are willing to continue contributing to Strzok’s cause — despite the ascending goal — because of their hatred for Trump. “I get it. People are desperate for something that can hurt Trump even a little bit,” Kosta said. “But that’s how scams work, by preying on the most desperate.”

What Strzok is doing is nothing new. Fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe raised over $500,000 for his legal fees before shutting his page down. But no one has gained more from Trump hate than former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. She raised $7.3 million and said the money would go to a recount following the election.

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