Trevor Noah Talks Racial Profiling, Has Been Stopped by Police ‘8 to 10 Times’ in the Past 6 Years

You can count on Trevor Noah to bring the funny every night on The Daily Show. But in a recent episode, the stand-up comedian took on a more somber tone when he talked about the Philando Castile case during a casual chat between segments.

Noah has lived in the United States for only the past six years, and he shared his surprising experiences with law enforcement during his short time in the country. He told the the audience that he’s been stopped “at least eight to 10 times.”

He revealed, “I’ve been stopped a shit ton of times. … I’ve been stopped in rental cars, I’ve been stopped in my car, I’ve been stopped in a car with tinted windows, a car with rims, a car with no rims.”

Adding a moment of levity to the serious discussion, Noah recalled, “I’ve been stopped in a Tesla. Like, a Tesla, people. Like I don’t know what silent crime you think I’m on my way to commit, but I’ve been stopped in a Tesla.”

According to a 2015 profile by Vogue, to remain safe, the host of The Daily Show shared his go-to method of surrender when he’s pulled over by law enforcement. The comedian throws both hands outside the window before the cops approach the car, so they can see he’s unarmed. He said, “I would rather have the cop go, ‘You’re weird.’”

In other entertainment news, Zayn Malik was detained for three hours when he first landed in America:

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