Tributes paid to beautiful 'never forgotten' 48-day-old baby boy who tragically died

A mother who lost her new born baby to a devastating condition wants to raise awareness of the illness for other parents. Beautiful baby Frazer was born 13 weeks premature along with his twin brother Louie on Monday, April 1 this year

But tragically, Frazer went into septic shock six weeks later and despite efforts to save him passed away on Sunday, 19 May at 48 days old. Parents Amy Miles and Christopher Clubb, both 22, are now fundraising to help cover the funeral costs for their son.

Amy remembers Frazer as being full of life: She said: "Fraser was a lot like me. He was so alert for his age and he was always looking around and he loved his dummy and he had a little bear that he used to cuddle all the time. He had his own little personality already."


Despite their short time together, Frazer made a huge impression: "Even when I was pregnant with him, I always knew which one of them was moving."

But Frazer passed away after suffering from necrotising enterocolitis (NEC), sepsis and a bleed on the brain. Amy said she did not know about the condition before giving birth.

NEC is caused by an inflammation in the gut. The inflammation causes a hole in the intestine which can then cause a life-threatening infection. While NEC is more commonly seen in premature babies, it can impact full-term babies as well.

Amy, from Bridgwater, thanked staff at Southmead Hospital in Bristol for their support, saying: "Southmead Hospital were brilliant. They were able to let me see the on-unit psychiatrist and there's been a referral for me to see somebody who deals with traumatic births."

Thankfully, Frazer's brother Louie is doing well and has been discharged from hospital. "He's a little miracle baby", said Amy.

Amy is hoping to raise awareness of NEC in her son's memory: "I want Fraser never to be forgotten. I want his name out there.

"He deserved so much more than what this world had to offer him in the short time he was here. I feel like the most I can do for him is for him to never be forgotten, for people to know his story and other women that are expecting their children early to be aware that this is a real possibility of what can happen."

Amy is raising money to cover funeral costs for Frazer. You can support her fundraiser online.

Friends have helped Amy launch a fundraising page to raise money to give Frazer the “best send-off possible” on Thursday, June 13. So far, donors have raised £1,473 of their £5,000 target.