We tried cheap cheddar cheese from all supermarkets and one was a clear winner

We tried cheap, cheddar cheese from every supermarket
-Credit: (Image: Manchester Family / M.E.N.)

Cheese is a mainstay of many of our shopping baskets.

Versatile and delicious it is a must have for most people when they get their groceries.

However few groceries have been immune from price rises over recent years and we all know some have soared more than others. One item that has massively increased since the cost of living crisis began is cheese.

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It's fallen slightly more recently, but with the 12 months to April 2023 seeing a 42 per cent hike in the product (according to the Office for National Statistics), we're a long way from the prices we enjoyed before the crisis took hold.

There are obviously numerous brands of cheese to choose from, some more expensive than others. But most supermarkets have a basic cheddar in their budget ranges too.

We sampled different mature cheddars
Mmmmm, lots of cheese -Credit:Manchester Family / M.E.N.

The Manchester Evening News decided to compare the mature cheddar from each of these ranges at the six main supermarkets - Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Aldi and Lidl. This is what they said:

The pack sizes vary drastically, so we worked out the price per 100g to make it fair. They're all pretty similar though, with Aldi, Lidl, Sainsbury's and Asda working out at 54p per 100g and Morrisons and Tesco slightly more expensive at 62p per 100g. If you compare that to Cathedral City for instance, which is £3.50 at the likes of Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's for a 350g block, which works out at a quid per 100g, then there are big savings to be had with the budget ranges.

To look at they're not that different either when cut up on a tray. If anything I'd say the Sainsbury's one looks like a nicer, crumblier texture.

We're no experts on cheese, but between the 10 of us who were sampling them, we've all tried a heck of a lot of cheddar over the years, which you're probably not surprised to hear is the most popular cheese in the UK.

On a few of them the verdict was mixed - a couple liked the taste of texture of Lidl's, but others felt it had a "bitter" taste. Some thought Tesco's cheese was a little bland, but others commented on the "nice creamy" texture.

Aldi's and Asda's were OK, the texture of the latter one a little "powdery".

Morrisons' Savers cheddar cheese was the favourite. In second place came Sainsbury's cheddar, from its Stamford Street Co range, with most of us not only liking how it looks, but the strong flavour too.

But the overall winner was Morrisons' Savers cheese. It's crumbly, it's tasty, it's creamy, it's everything you want from a decent cheddar - and at £2.18 for a 350g block, the price won't grate on you either.

Supermarket/ brand or range / weight / price / price per 100g

  • Aldi Everyday, Essentials, 900g, £4.88, 54p

  • Lidl, Simply, 900g, £4.88, 54p

  • Sainsbury's, Stamford Street Co, 600g, £3.25, 54p

  • Asda, Just Essentials, 825g, £4.47, 54p

  • Morrisons, Savers, 350g, £2.18, 62p

  • Tesco, Creamfields, 400g, £2.49, 62p