I tried a giant burrito from an independent sandwich shop that had queues out the door

Holly M's in Spring Bank, Hull, and a picture of the garlic mushroom burrito inset
-Credit: (Image: Hull Live)

Forget breakfast, lunch is definitely the most important meal of the day.

My stomach starts growling violently from about 12 o'clock and, if ignored, leads to a rapid onset of grumpiness until I'm slumped over my desk in misery and unable to think straight. I'm quite dramatic when it comes to food.

A popular lunch-time destination in Hull city centre is Holly Ms in Spring Bank. I know this because people are talking about it constantly (no exaggeration) and I've been invited along by colleagues a few times.

Probably because I'm such a permanently hungry person, I always have a packed lunch and dozens of snacks in my bag so I've never taken them up on the offer. But one day, I forgot to make my sandwiches and had to consider my options in town.


I briefly flirted with the idea of going to Herbie's, another highly respected Hull institution I've yet to try, but I was too lazy to walk 10 minutes down Ferensway. Once again, the magic words "Holly Ms" were buzzing on people's lips so I looked at the menu on Just Eat and decided to head down and pick up a takeaway in person.

Holly Ms make sandwiches paninis, toasties, burgers, jacket potatoes, loaded chips, homemade pasties and sausage rolls, and homemade cakes and other sweet treats. I was drawn to the garlic mushroom burrito which can also be stuffed with pulled pork, barbecue chicken, chilli con carne and other meaty options.

It wasn't long until my order was ready - I'd estimate under five minutes despite the fact the queue was going out the door when I first arrived. Straightaway, my mouth was watering from the delicious garlicky smell and I was impressed with the hefty portion size.

This king of burritos was roughly the size of a guinea pig (not an official gastronomical measurement) but packed so carefully that it didn't leak at all. Very eager to unwrap it, I rushed back to the office.

A Holly Ms burrito with a pen for size comparison
A guinea pig was not available for size comparison but here is the burrito alongside a pen -Credit:Hull Live

My first bite was almost euphoric - I was ravenous, mind you - and the first flavours to hit my taste buds were smoky and sweet like barbecue sauce. There was then the wonderfully rich flavour of garlic complemented by mild cheese and guacamole.

It was well stuffed with rice so I enjoyed the double carb energy hit and immediately started feeling much better. Surely the only thing better than double carb is triple carb? (bread, rice AND chips).

The other fillings were lettuce, sweetcorn, peas and the garlic mushrooms I'd chosen. It was very tasty and if I had to pick one word to describe the burrito it's be "comforting". The only way it could have been improved to my taste would be a more mature cheese - but I know most people are more comfortable with a milder flavour.