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I tried Hungryroot, the healthy grocery service for those who hate cooking

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There are a few reasons someone might order a meal delivery kit — they want to avoid the grocery store, they have no idea how to cook or simply want to make really good food at home. All very valid reasons.

The problem with some meal delivery kits, however, is that the portions are too small and you can only get enough food to make 2–3 dinners per week.

I’ve tried many meals kits and services, and have experienced the good and the bad. And most recently, I tried Hungryoot.

What Is Hungryroot?

Hungryroot is different from any meal kit out there. First of all, it’s actually a healthy online grocery delivery service. You start by taking a quiz based on your eating habits and preferences. Then, Hungryroot creates a grocery plan, and you can take their suggestions or go totally rogue and get whatever you want. And finally, it ships everything to your door.

The Hungryroot grocery plan provides regular grocery items like vegetables, proteins, snacks and more that correspond to easy-to-follow recipes.

Hungryroot, $70+

Credit: Hungryroot
Credit: Hungryroot

Order Now at Hungryroot

Its website says: “All Hungryroot food — and all the food we carry — meets our three-point standard. First, it has to be nutritious and made from whole, trusted ingredients. Second, it has to be easy and quick to prepare in (real, hectic) life. Finally, it has to taste damn good.”

Who Is Hungryroot For?

Hungryroot is perfect for a few types of people. It’s great for those who want to eat healthier, those who hate following strict recipes or those who want more options than a standard meal delivery kit. It could also be lovely for those who just really hate cooking but have made a vow to stop ordering takeout every single night (hey, we’ve all been there).

You Will Have Leftovers.

My plan had a recipe for a Garlic Chicken Sausage and Brussels Sprouts Skillet Meal. I received a four-pack of sausages, a bag of shredded Brussels sprouts and Hungryoot’s Superfood Tomato Sauce. The recipe only called for two sausages, so I was able to use the leftovers however I pleased.

Credit: Ellie Conley for In The Know
Credit: Ellie Conley for In The Know

In fact, I got another recipe for a Butternut Squash Cauliflower Gnocchi and while it didn’t call for it, I chopped and tossed my leftover sausages right in there.

Both recipes were delicious, and the portions were good sized. You’ll definitely have leftover ingredients for using however you see fit.

The Meals Are Very Quick To Prepare.

Another good thing is that the meals come together fast. All of the proteins are pre-cooked, packaged and just need heating.

Another recipe I tried was a Salmon Quinoa Stir Fry. The ingredients included were a smoked salmon filet, a pre-cooked cup of quinoa and a packet of lemon-artichoke sauce. (The quinoa cup actually comes with the sauce in a separate lid and a little spork for eating on its own, like in the office or on the go.) I mixed it all together on the stove and it was ready in minutes.

Credit: Hungryroot
Credit: Hungryroot

If you don’t feel like cooking at all, there are also ready-to-eat options that require even less effort, like salads and soups. I tried the Morocccan Chickpea Tagine, and I’d happily eat it again.

You Get Enough For Every Meal Of The Day — Plus Snacks.

One of the biggest benefits of using Hungryroot is that you can get all of your groceries for every meal of the day. But instead of just getting a bunch off random stuff that doesn’t go together, your grocery list is put together with more intention.

And there are so many options! Hungryroot caters to people with all types of health concerns and diets. There are vegan meat alternatives, vegetarian recipes, gluten-free options, soy-free options, 500 calorie or less recipes and so much more. You can even filter the recipes by your preference if they change from your initial quiz.

Two Words: Cookie Dough.

And yes, one of Hungryroot’s most popular items is its Almond Chickpea Cookie Dough. It’s plant-based and safe to eat raw — but you can also heat it up. I ate it both ways, but preferred it raw.

How Much Is Hungryroot?

Scared of commitment? Join the club. You can sign up for weekly deliveries from Hungryroot, and cancel whenever you want or pause when you don’t need them. Plans start at $70 per week.

Right now, Hungryroot is offering 30% off your first order, plus a free item with each order for life. Sounds too good to be true, but it’s real.

When you sign up, you’ll automatically receive 30 percent off your first order of $99 or more, and you can select your free gift. Choose between the Almond Chickpea Cookie Dough, a selection of fresh veggies or a selection of premium proteins.

If you’re stuck in a cooking rut or are having a hard time breaking your habit of ordering $15 salads three times per week, Hungryroot may be for you.

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