We tried all the new McDonald's Happy Meal items and found a new favourite

McDonald's Happy Meals are world-renowned.

Most of us have had them as children, and will give them to our kids now for a quick dinner, or an easy food fix when out and about. The meals come in a box containing a main with a side of fries or cucumber sticks, a drink, and a toy.

And while the meals are a common staple people have come to know and love, they have now undergone a huge shakeup across the North West.

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From Wednesday May 29, McDonald's restaurants in Merseyside and the rest of the North West will offer a much wider range of food options in their Happy Meals. As well as everything currently available, there will also be two new mains - the Mayo Chicken and Fish Bites.

On top of this, young diners can choose an Orange McFreezy or a Mango and Passionfruit McFreezy as a side, and banana, chocolate, or strawberry flavoured milk are new drinks options.

We were lucky enough to be invited along to sample the new items and it’s safe to say we found a firm favourite.

I remember ordering fish fingers once, as a child back in the 90s, and I was sorely disappointed. It was a mistake never to be made again as far as I was concerned, so I did wonder how the Fish Bites would measure up.

Thankfully, these were delicious. The fish was flaky and moist, with the crispy coating complementing these textures perfectly.

In an ideal world I’d have had tartare sauce with them, but then Happy Meals are for kids, and not 34-year-olds.

My little boy, who is not the biggest fan of fish, also ate them happily enough, although he preferred the Chicken Mayo. He often asks for a "chicken burger Happy Meal", meaning I either have to disappoint him, or buy an extra burger - so this new addition is a huge positive for me.

The banana milk tasted a lot "healthier" than the usual milkshake, and not synthetic in flavour at all. It was perhaps slightly watered down, and I think I would just get normal milk over a flavour, but it was a nice taste overall.

Finally the Orange McFreezy was really good, it again didn’t taste fake or sugary, more like frozen orange juice. It was super refreshing.

While I'm not convinced most kids would want to forego their fries, everything we tried tasted pretty good, with a special mention to the Fish Bites.

The new Happy Meal items will be available for a three-month trial period across North West restaurants from May 29.

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