I tried one of Hull's most popular cafes and had the perfect hash brown

If you ask someone where the best spot for a light bite in Hull is, someone is bound to suggest this underground eatery.

Since opening in 2016, Nibble has seen its Humber Street home grow into the hotspot it is today. Offering some of the highest rated brunches in the city, many people flock to the café, so much so its had to expand not once, but twice. And most recently, Nibble was voted one of the top spots in the city to get a sandwich, according to Trip Advisor.

I've been visiting Humber Street for years, but I only ever managed to get a seat in Nibble once prior. That's surely a sign a place is good, right?

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I've been craving after some of their famed eggs for a few weeks. In the mood for a post-bank holiday pick-me-up, I headed to the famed foodie hotspot.

On a warm and dry - albeit windy - afternoon, people were dining outside as I approached. I thought they were making the most of the alfresco weather, but as I wandered in and saw the queue of people sitting down; I knew that there would be a wait - half an hour I'm told.

While most places tend to be on the quieter side mid-week, this place highly sought-after - which I must say is wonderful to see for a local business. And I could still join the other diners having a bite to eat outside with the benches surrounding the area.

A QR code on the benches took me to the menu where I ordered an iced coffee, Kasey's Eggs and a side of three hash browns. The three came to a total of £18.30 - £3 for the three hash browns, £10.50 for the main, and £4.80 for the iced coffee - an extra £1 for vanilla syrup and 30p for almond milk substitute.

After a short wait, my food arrived and I tucked in. For those unfamiliar, Kasey's eggs are halloumi soldiers, dippy fried eggs, tomato, chilli, lime chutney, asparagus, and rocket on top of a toasted bagel.

The halloumi soldiers were thick and fried perfectly, and when dunked in the eggs added a great new level to the taste. In my takeaway bowl, the two eggs covered nearly the full circumference of the bowl and were runny enough to get the yolk to cover the rest of the main. Although the egg and chutney combo is what I was most sceptical about, they oddly went well together, with both juices being well soaked up by the bagel.

I emptied the bag of the golden brown hash browns in my bowl to help soak up any leftover yolk, and I can see why people hype up the hash browns above all else. Covered in chipspice and crunchy outside, but fluffy within, they are pretty much the perfect hash brown. If it was socially acceptable to go around eating bags of their hash browns, I would do just that.

All of the food was swilled down by my iced coffee. The hint of vanilla balanced with the coffee wonderfully and it was exactly what I needed to finish the meal.

There's no arguing that Nibble should be rated as highly year on year for places to eat, and if you've got a craving for hash browns you definitely need to pay this place a visit.

Nibble is open every week from 9am, and open until 3pm Monday - Thursday and 4pm on weekends.