'I tried Rebel Wilson's game-changing exercise and diet regime - this is what happened'

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'I tried Rebel Wilson's exercise and diet regime'

Some three years since declaring 2020 her ‘Year of Health,’ Rebel Wilson’s fitness regime has gone from strength to strength. She trains with celeb PT Jono Castano (their initial routine involved a six-day-a-week combo of hiking, sprinting, and lifting), and while her physical transformation was no mean feat, ‘the mental and kind of emotional side turned out to be the biggest thing’ that came out of her wellness journey – kudos to Reb, because that’s by far the most important thing. With all that in mind, fitness YouTuber Keltie O’Connor decided to give her regime a go.

Keltie says she, ‘Specifically wanted to try Rebel’s routine because she’s been doing it in such a good way and acknowledging that she’s making changes for the better in a sustainable way.’ Amen to that. Here’s how she fared.

Rebel Wilson’s exercise routine

1.Daily walks

Walking was a huge part of Rebel’s workout plan. On an episode of Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk podcast, she shared some advice given to her by a doctor: ‘The best way for you to lose unwanted body fat is by just simply walking, it doesn’t have to be high intensity or uphill… Just simply walking an hour a day’.

Keltie notes that a daily walk is something she already incorporates in her average workout MO, and so this particular element of the routine shouldn’t be a challenge for her, but cue pouring rain and less-than-adequate footwear (like, flip flop inadequate) and she isn’t quite so keen. If, like Keltie, the rain or limited shoe options are enough to stop you stepping out the door, a treadmill will do the trick.

2. 6 PT sessions per week

When it comes to jumping into what would have been Reb's first personal training session of the week, Keltie quips, ‘Keltie, you have enough money to afford a personal trainer 6 times a week? No!’, and instead searches at home workout videos on YouTube. We feel ya, Keltie.

While she doesn’t share the length of time she works out for, nor the reps, her Rebel-inspired full body workout includes:

  • Standing toe touches

  • Walkouts into shoulder taps

  • High knee spot sprinting

  • Bodyweight squats

  • Bodyweight lunges

  • Press ups

As if that isn’t enough, Keltie notes that Rebel usually finishes with some tyre flipping. Caj. Without the spare parts of a monster truck lying around in the garden, Keltie skips this one and instead inserts a clip of Rebel taking on the tyres, ‘Looking like a bad ass.’

3. Stair sprints

Stair sprints are a staple of Rebel’s routine, but with the rain making a return once again, Keltie’s plans for a Rocky-esque run are dashed. And, with no access to stairs, she goes full ‘2020-at-home-workout’ mode and makes use of her sofa where she repeatedly steps up and down to replicate Rebel’s routine. Where there’s a will there’s a way, right?

4. HIIT and battle ropes

No battle ropes? No drama. Keltie found a great alternative: ‘Rowing machines and sled pushing are really great for combining resistance training and cardio,' she explains. Keltie adds that ‘HIIT circuits’ (bodyweight, if needs be) are another good option for getting your sweat on Rebel style. Following the rowing, Keltie cracks on with some treadmill sprints.

5. ‘Cute’ workout outfits

Last on the list of Rebel’s workout rules, but by no means least, a cute workout ‘fit is essential. Posing in front of the camera in a matching blue set, Keltie praises, ‘Any outfit that makes you feel good and want to go to the gym. If you feel good, you just want to workout!’. We concur.

Rebel Wilson’s diet

Before we go any further, we’re not ones for restrictive diet approaches (holistic all the way), and Keltie agrees: ‘[Rebel] appeared to follow a "diet" which I am never a fan of, but it’s more about foundational principles.

‘Everything was about sustainability.’

Though she has since denied it, Rebel was believed to have followed the Mayr Method, a diet-cum-philosophy that encourages eating whole foods in a mindful, distraction-free way. It involves a few 'rules', which Keltie followed:

  1. No snacking

  2. Consciously upping protein intake

  3. Reduce dairy and gluten intake

  4. No food after 4pm

  5. No technology, talking, or reading whilst eating

  6. Focus on chewing

Keltie doesn’t vibe with all of them, though. She expresses caution over rules that suggest only eating at certain times of the day: ‘I don’t like stupid rules like “you can’t eat after 4 pm”,’ she says. ‘It makes more sense to go with your own body when deciding when and when not to eat.’ She consulted a registered dietitian for their professional opinion, who was keen on the idea of ‘incorporating nuts, seeds, legumes, and vegetables’ but went on to say that he doesn’t ‘like when diets are paired with rules’ and that ‘you don’t need to cut out [dairy and gluten] to be healthy.’

It’s the sustainable style of eating that does it for Keltie. She says, ‘Some food will fit better with us [than others], it’s all about eating whole foods, not demonising foods, and eating a balanced diet.’

Case in point: an Instagram video that Keltie shares of Rebel eating a cake with the caption, ‘Remember though girls, you still gotta treat yourself.’

Keltie's final thoughts

On the exercise portion, Keltie notes that she’s a ‘Big fan of the workouts. [Rebel] is moving every day and it’s all about what keeps you consistent.’ On Rebel’s (potential - as we say, she has since denied it) diet, she reiterates that you should ‘eat whatever makes you feel good’ and goes on to say that Rebel’s regimen, ‘Had some concepts that are really admirable like eating mindfully and taking the time to eat without distractions.’ Overall, it's a round of applause to Rebel for, ‘Being a badass, feeling good, promoting movement, and trying to eat healthier and mindfully – that’s all we need to do and we’re good!’

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