I tried Surrey's newest bakery and was really impressed with the portion sizes

Donut cut in half with chocolate filling
-Credit: (Image: Lauren Cole-Lomas)

Weybridge has welcomed yet another bakery to add to its collection, truly making the town the pastry centre of Surrey. Cavan Bakery, a family-run business based in Walton with shops in Shepperton, Esher and Teddington, has now set up shop in the cake-loving town.

Opening its doors on the aptly named Baker Street, Cavan offers freshly made sandwiches, rolls and bakes. The head office is in Walton, where all their bread is made.

Since I’ve tried every other bakery in Weybridge, including McLaren’s with all homemade goodies and sandwiches to go, and Bachmann’s posh patisserie, it’s only fair I add Cavan’s to my list.

I popped in looking for something quick for lunch during my work break. There isn’t really anywhere to sit down inside, so it’s somewhere you can grab a quick snack during your lunch break.


Tiger bread roll with mayo chicken and salad
The tiger bread was delicious -Credit:Lauren Cole-Lomas

There are plenty of places to go for walks nearby and Churchfields Recreation Grounds, with tennis courts, a playground for children and a paddling pool. The park is dog friendly, those who don’t like dogs can go to Churchfields Meadow, behind the park. For more on Weybridge walks, read more here.

Inside Cavan Bakery I was confronted with so many choices with freshly made doughnuts, cakes, cookies and gingerbread men. The goodies were stored in a glass display, carefully laid out.

There were also sausage rolls, Cornish pasties, and veggie pastries too. I saw a collection of crusty rolls and baguettes, so decided to go for a filled tigerbread roll for lunch.

The mayo chicken and the coronation chicken fillings caught my eye, I chose the mayo chicken with lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad. I could see my roll being put together in front of me, it wasn’t a premade roll which can sometimes go soggy.

Once lunch was sorted I looked at ordering a sweet treat. There were so many options, I was tempted by the gingerbread men with the chocolate boots on, which reminded me of the ones I used to have as a kid.

I also liked the look of the luxury brownies and the slices of billionaires shortbread. In the end I settled on a doughnut, but there were more decisions to be made. I noticed I couldn't see a list of ingredients or allergens, so I suppose if you have a dietary requirement it's best to ask the staff.

Cavan Bakery offers ring doughnuts with icing toppings, jam-filled or chocolatey doughnuts. After some deliberation, I chose the Nutella filled doughnut rolled in sugar.

In total, my order came to £8.20, the roll cost £5.20 and the donut cost £2.70. I then took my lunch home and plated it up.

While the roll felt a little pricey compared to what you might get for a Tesco meal deal for example, it is huge. The roll itself was large, and was generously filled with plenty of mayo chicken and salad.

Generally, supermarket sandwiches can be stingy with the filling and often come out of the packaging a little damp. You won’t get any of that with Cavan, as it’s all freshly made.

The tigerbread roll was lightly crunchy on the top, and nice and doughy in the centre so it was easy to bite into. I thought the mayo chicken was succulent and creamy, paired well with the crusty roll and crisp salad.

Once I’d finished lunch, it was time to try the doughnut. Before tucking in, I cut it in half to see how much filling was inside, and I have to say I was impressed.

The doughnut was stuffed with chocolatey, hazelnut Nutella goodness, and the doughnut was light and fluffy. I’d say it didn’t need to be rolled in sugar crystals because of the chocolate filling, however, if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love this.

Overall I think Cavan Bakery is a great addition to Weybridge, and I can’t wait to try more of the delicious goodies.

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