The TRNSMT 2024 start and ends times to know for each day of weekend festival

Revellers watch The Snuts perform on the main stage during day two of the TRNSMT Festival at Glasgow Green on July 09, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland
-Credit: (Image: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

TRNSMT is just days away as Scotland's biggest music festival returns to Glasgow this weekend.

This Friday, July 12, will see 50,000 music fans descend on Glasgow Green to enjoy three days of performances from both worldwide and homegrown artists. Among these include Liam Gallagher, Risk Astley, Calvin Harris, Gerry Cinnamon and much more.

Ticket holders are already preparing for the weekend event, which will last until Sunday night on July 14. To be fully prepared, attendees are being urged to know when it opens and shuts each day.

These times can vary depending on what type of ticket you have and it's important to know that TRNSMT gates shut before the festival ends, meaning late comers could end up disappointed. Other information worth knowing what personal belongings are banned at TRNSMT and what you are aloud to take with you.

Previous years have seen the event permit those under 16 to attend with a guardian, however this year that's changed. Photo ID is also important to bring, so it's important to know which forms are accepted - and what could see you turned away.

What time does TRNSMT start and end each day?

Music fans listen to the band Inhaler performing at TRNSMT Festival 2023 at Glasgow Green on July 08, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland
Thousands are expected to attend the three day festival -Credit: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

The gates for TRNSMT 2024 will open at noon each day and closes at 11pm every night. The VIP area shuts at midnight.

The last time for attendants to enter the festival is 9.30pm every night. Box offices are located at every entrance for ticket collection until 9pm.

A full list of stage times for TRNSMT can be found here.

Can I go to TRNSMT if I'm under 18?

Unfortunately, no one under the age of 16 will be permitted into the festival and ticketholders must be able to present a valid ID.

What ID can I bring to TRNSMT 2024?

TRNSMT enforces a challenge 25 policy, so if you're fortunate enough to look younger than 25, you'll have to show an acceptable photo ID.

All IDS must be originals and photocopies will not be accepted. Photo ID must resemble the holder and If stewards can't make a clear facial match, attendants will be asked to leave the queue for an alternative process which may delay festival access.

If security can't make a clear resemblance, entry will be refused. Using a false ID to access a licenced event is a criminal offence. Access to bar queues is only allowed for those aged over 18 and those in line will also be asked for ID.

The following types of ID are acceptable at TRNSMT:

  • UK or International Full or Provisional Driving Licence

  • UK or International Passport

  • National Proof of Age Standards Scheme card with the PASS hologram (e.g. Young Scot, CitizenCard, My ID Card) and it must show a PASS hologram which can not be faded or damaged.

If there is an issue with the PASS hologram on your ID, you should apply for a replacement card via the issuing authority as it will not be accepted.

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