Troll steals pictures of Kym Marsh's 6-year-old daughter and sets up fake Twitter account

Kym Marsh has called for “more to be done” to stop trolls on Twitter after an imposter set up a fake account in her six-year-old daughter’s name.

Coronation Street star Kym Marsh has called for action against cyber trolls (REX)

Kym has been wary of social media in the past, and quit Twitter in 2014 when trolls posted abuse about her children.

She also recently revealed she took another break from the social media site because she felt the need to read what everyone else was doing, became overwhelming.

Kym – who plays Michelle Connor in Coronation Street – wrote in OK!: ‘When you take a break from the world of Twitter you realise it can take over your life a bit – you can become a bit obsessed with reading what everyone’s up to or people’s opinions on this and that.’

Kym at the National Television Awards (REX)

‘Plus, most of the time you’ll see loads of dead nice comments but then you’ll see one nasty one and that’s all you focus on.’

But the star’s recent experience has given her even more reason to be on her guard.

Kim, 41, has been left shocked and dismayed after she discovered an account with the handle @pollyconnor4 was claiming to be her daughter Polly’s and she is fuming saying the account holder a “strange strange person’ and has even blocked her.

The Twitter page includes a profile picture of her little girl, which must have been swiped from Kym’s own social media, and pictures of the mother and daughter together with hearts splashed across the cover.

The Coronation Street’s star’s followers quickly rallied around the actress and reported the account.

She followed up her tweet with a call for Twitter to stop trolls and imposters ruining the site for everyone else.

One of Kym’s fans has now claimed she has discovered the identity of the troll and shared the information with the star.


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