This trucker never goes anywhere without his trusty companion - an adorable cat

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This trucker, who sleeps in his truck five nights a week, never goes anywhere without his trusty companion, an adorable cat who lives with him on the road. 

Muninn Myrkvi, 32, became a truck driver in 2018, but he found the first year and a half of his job very lonely. 

When he changed trucking companies to one that allowed pets, he jumped at the opportunity and bought Pickles, a seven-year-old Maine Coon, in August of 2019. 

"He helps me a lot, to feel less lonely on the road and to have a little less anxiety," the Markle, Indiana native said of his feline friend. 

"When I first started working, I was in my truck all the time, saving for a place of my own.

"I slept in there seven nights a week. 

"Even now, I sleep in my truck every night except for the two days a week I go home, so I snuggle up with pickles every night."

According to Muninn, Pickles spends 90% of his time in the truck and the rest of the time in his home, which he purchased in August. 

"Initially when I got him, he was very uncertain. 

"He was always looking for a place to hide. 

"But, nowadays he's not skittish. 

"He has his comfort spots in the truck,  like the passenger seat under a blanket or hiding in the storage compartment. 

"As for the litter box, I use pine pellets instead of clumping litter which reduces the odor. Usually, I keep the litter box on the floor in front of the passenger seat."

As for the cramped space, Muninn says Pickles doesn't mind. 

"Luckily, he's a wholly indoor cat. 

"The outside makes him anxious and scared, which is helpful because he doesn't want to escape. 


"I've experimented with taking him out on a leash or harness, but he doesn't really like the outside." 

"Even by truck drivers' standards, I'm a loner," Muninn added.

"I'm working for 11-14 hours a day and I'm driving between 9-11 hours.

"Every other week I work six days. 

"Pickles helps me alleviate the anxiety I get from being alone so much of the time."