Trucks Flipped During Tornado-Warned Storm Near Tomah, Wisconsin

Multiple semi-trucks were blown over during a storm that produced a tornado near Tomah, Wisconsin, local officials said on June 15.

The National Weather Service reported a confirmed tornado near Oakdale at 4:10 pm on Wednesday.

Citing Oakdale Village President Richard Lee, Channel 3000 reported that at least four semi-trucks were blown over.

This video posted to Twitter by Andrew Pederson shows a long line of vehicles backed up on the highway with multiple toppled trucks seen. Credit: Andrew Pederson via Storyful

Video transcript


- Woo.


- Hopefully everybody is OK.

- Yeah.

- Oh, look at this trailer right here and the back of this truck.


- Holy--

- There's three. There's one in the middle, one on the side over here.

- Yeah, well, there's one right here too. Yeah.

- Yeah.

- There's three.

- Yeah.

- Yeah. Yep.

- No, this is just [INAUDIBLE].

- Toma had a pretty good storm go through too. I'll go the other way.

- Oh.

- Oh, so sad.

- Yep.

- Oh, look at this, military convoys held up over there too. Oh, look at this one. I didn't even see this guy off on the shoulder. Oh, dang. Hopefully he's-- look at that-- look at that--


- Yeah, look at that.

- Here's another one right here.

- It must have been a direct hit right here.

- [INAUDIBLE] is flat.



- Look at all these people out of their cars.


- These guys can't be diverted because they're right behind it.

- Yep, steel [INAUDIBLE].


- Hey, a steel case.



- They're going to be stuck there for a while. Look at this.

- They are.

- Look at all these people.

- She's freaking out.


- Yeah.

- [INAUDIBLE], for a while.


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