Trump blames Cuomo for 'fascist witch-hunt' into his tax returns after SCOTUS ruling

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Donald Trump claims the Manhattan District Attorney's efforts to obtain his tax returns is the "greatest political Witch Hunt in the history of our County."

Cy Vance, the Manhattan District Attorney, has been investigating potential financial crimes committed by the Trump Organisation. Specifically, the investigators are trying to determine whether or not the Trump Organisation artificially inflates the values of its properties to secure loans.

Mr Trump claimed that Mr Vance was just focusing on him to advance his career and accused New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo of inspiring the investigation.

"The new phenomenon of headhunting prosecutors and AGs - who try to take down their political opponents using the law as a weapon - is a threat to the very foundation of our liberty," Mr Trump wrote.

The US Supreme Court ruled Monday that Mr Trump could not block the release of his tax returns to Mr Vance.The former president also used the statement to continue peddling lies about the election. He said the Democrats were trying to do “anything to stop the almost 75 million people (the most votes, by far, ever gotten by a sitting president) who voted for me in the election - an election which many people, and experts, feel that I won. I agree!”