How Donald Trump 'bullied and humiliated' Theresa May, saying she was 'spineless' on Brexit

Josie Ensor
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    He was saying what most people who voted leave in the referendum was thinking. She was saying one thing but was doing the exact opposite, she was trying to keep everybody happy, leave and remain and it was not working out. She was so desperate to get a deal, any deal to prove she could get a deal, it didn't matter what that deal consisted of, she caved into all the demands of the EU. Even when she thought she had a deal and when the EU asked her if it would pass through Parliament, yes she told them and look how many times that failed to get past I'm sorry but she should never of been elected as our PM, especially as she was a remainer and the last thing she want was for us to leave the EU completely, hence the deal she came back with. She called a election, she was riding high in the polls, look what happened there, she just managed to hold on to power with the help of NI. May was so desperate to keep her position as PM she tried everything to please everybody and in the end it all collapsed because she was too weak to carry out what she had promised.
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    Fed up
    Carl Bernstein was discredited ages ago, he is now a bitter old man trying to become relevant again.
    He once claimed "CNN does not lie."
    Bernstein hates Trump and sold his soul.
    Mr Bernstein co-wrote an article that had multiple anonymous sources claiming Cohen said the president was aware of the June 2016 meeting.

    That meeting involved Mr Trump's son, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort and an influential Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya.

    In the 27 July article, CNN stated Mr Davis had declined to comment, and quoted multiple anonymous sources.

    The next day, the Washington Post also reported on the claims and cited Mr Davis as a source.

    On Monday, however, Mr Davis confirmed to Buzzfeed News that he was CNN's anonymous source and retracted his claims.

    "I made a mistake," he said, adding that he should have been clearer to reporters that he could not personally verify the information he gave.
    Even if this is true what kind of pm would allow herself to be bullied in the first place?
    Since she was staying in the EU with no intention of leaving.
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    Trump was supporting our referendum result,making sure our weak leader was pointed in the direction of a democratic vote.Same way he became president
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    In fairness, she was spineless on Brexit, in fact she was spineless on most things which was her trade mark signature that followed her right from when she was the Home Secretary!
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    Suddenly, all the MSM news outlets attack Trump with the same topic and the same details, and mostly same words. Do they receive the same commands?
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    Sometimes the truth hurts - Trump was 100% correct about Mrs May
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    Not surprised by these accounts. Theresa May never intended to facilitate the Brexit negotiations, just played along to ensure the EU never met effective statecraft from British team. No wonder Trump became baffled by her behaviour.
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    Dan Adlington
    I bet his tone was out of frustration more than anything else. Without President Trump leaving the EU would have been even harder.
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    You know, it's easy to find positive stories about Trump. Ever hear of balanced reporting?
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    So Mr Trump told her what millions of the British people were thinking about her.