Trump hits out at 'sleazebags' and 'guilty as hell' Clinton

Donald Trump has blamed "sleazebag political operatives" for a leaked dossier that alleges Russia has damaging information about him.

In a flurry of tweets, the President-elect also hit out at Hillary Clinton, who he described as "guilty as hell".

And Mr Trump promised a report within three months on allegations of hacking during the US presidential election campaign.

Mr Trump tweeted: "It now turns out that the phony allegations against me were put together by my political opponents and a failed spy afraid of being sued...

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"Totally made up facts by sleazebag political operatives, both Democrats and Republicans - FAKE NEWS! Russia says nothing exists.

"Probably released by "Intelligence" even knowing there is no proof, and never will be. My people will have a full report on hacking within 90 days!"

The dossier was written by ex-MI6 officer Christopher Steele and claims Moscow holds incriminating material about Mr Trump which could be used to blackmail him.

The document contains numerous allegations which have not been verified.

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Theresa May said on Friday that Mr Steele had not worked for the British Government for a long time.

She said: "It is absolutely clear that the individual who produced this dossier has not worked for the UK government for years."

Mr Trump has previously said any hacking during the election campaign had no effect on the result.

He has been at odds with US intelligence agencies, who believe Russia interfered in the White House race by hacking into the emails of the Democratic National Committee and Mrs Clinton's campaign team.

In his tweets on Friday morning, Mr Trump said the Democrats should not be "complaining" about the FBI's handling of Mrs Clinton because she is "guilty as hell" and should not have been allowed to run for President in the first place.

He tweeted: "What are Hillary Clinton's people complaining about with respect to the F.B.I.

"Based on the information they had she should never have been allowed to run - guilty as hell.

"They were VERY nice to her. She lost because she campaigned in the wrong states - no enthusiasm!"

During the presidential campaign, Mrs Clinton's use of a private email server when she was secretary of state was re-investigated by the FBI 11 days before the election.

Mrs Clinton has blamed her defeat on the timing of that investigation, instigated by FBI director James Comey.

Days before the election Mr Comey announced the new investigation had found no criminal activity, but Mrs Clinton said that by then the damage had been done.

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