Trump holds four rallies on Saturday in Pennsylvania as Biden brings out Obama’s star power in Michigan

Gino Spocchia
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US president Donald Trump appears at first of four rallies in Pennsylvania on Saturday  (AFP via Getty Images)
US president Donald Trump appears at first of four rallies in Pennsylvania on Saturday (AFP via Getty Images)

With four days until Election Day, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have hit the road for one final weekend of campaigning.

The president is holding four “Make America Great Again” rallies on Saturday in Pennsylvania in Newton, Reading, Butler and Montoursville.

Mr Trump, focusing largely on his base, will bet his reelection bid on driving turnout among his strongest supporters — white, non-college-educated men and rural voters.

On Sunday, the Hill reported that the president is due to campaign in Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

In doing so, Mr Trump would have held almost a dozen campaign events across the weekend, in states he won or came close to winning in 2016, but this year has been statistically tied or trailing Mr Biden in polls.

Mr Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, appeared on stage with former president Barack Obama, in Michigan on Saturday at a drive-in rally.

The former colleagues are holding two events on Saturday in Flint and Detroit, predominantly Black cities where strong turnout will be essential to ensure the state swings back to blue after being won by Trump in 2016.

Voting was down roughly 15 per cent in Flint and Detroit four years ago, according to the Associated Press.  Mr Trump won Michigan by just 10,700 votes.

And although Mr Biden has an advantage with Blacks and Latino voters, some Democrats believe those groups will not be driven to turnout between now and 3 November.

Mr Obama will continue campaigning for his former VP on Monday in Atlanta, Georgia, and in South Florida.

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