Pence says he won’t invoke 25th amendment, as three GOP members back impeachment

Jon Sharman,Joe Sommerlad and Justin Vallejo
·1-min read

In his first live address of the Capitol riots, Donald Trump called supporters who stormed the building a "mob" and said now was time for "healing".

That unity wouldn't be achieved through impeachment or the 25th Amendment, he said, which was of "zero risk" to him but would come back to haunt the next administration of Joe Biden.

The remarks came after the president denied any responsibility for inciting last week’s storming of the US Capitol Building in Washington, insisting that his words to them beforehand were “totally appropriate”.

With a state of emergency still in place in DC in the wake of the failed insurrection, the FBI has warned of further unrest being planned to coincide with Biden’s inauguration on 20 January, prompting the National Guard to treble its presence in the American capital.

The president was visiting the Mexico border wall in Texas for his first public appearance since the shocking scenes on Capitol Hill.