This former Disney star is working for Trump & the internet is ROASTING while we cackle

In a twist that no one guessed but probably should have, a former Disney Channel actress who played the villain on Shake It Up was just hired by real-life villain Donald Trump.

Caroline Sunshine played Tinka Hessenheffer, the villainous rival of Bella Thorne and Zendaya’s Cece and Rocky on the popular teen dance sitcom. But now, the 28-year-old former star has a brand new role in helping Trump score the presidency.

Seems like life is imitating art.

Sunshine’s newfound position as the MAGA leader’s deputy communications director surprised people on the internet when the news broke.

“In a truly wtf moment I just learned that the actress who played the evil Eastern European exchange student in the Disney channel show Shake It Up, opposite Zendaya, is now Trump’s deputy comms director,” @OrganizerMemes wrote on X (formerly Twitter) in a post that went viral and now has 5.2 million views.

“Wow guess you could say that she.....shook it up,” someone else quipped, while another person joked about one of the newly minted Trump lackey’s fellow Disney Channel stars, calling Sunshine “Bridgit Mendler’s Wario.”

Although the internet is just now catching up, this isn’t the first time Sunshine has worked for Trump or other Republicans. She interned for Kevin McCarthy when he was the House Majority Leader, the College Republican National Committee, and the California Republican Party.

Then, in 2018, she became a White House intern during the Trump Administration before being hired as a full-time press assistant.

Where were we in 2018 that we didn’t notice this? Oh, right, just trying to survive Trump’s reign of terror.

But that’s not all; she worked as the press secretary for Vivek Ramaswamy’s short-lived 2024 presidential campaign before landing her new Trump campaign position.

Basically, if there is a far-right Republican out there whose political opinions turn your stomach, she’s probably worked for him.

This truly is the worst timeline!

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