Trump loses three lawyers in one day, the internet mocks him & we're CACKLING

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

There are few truly great pleasures in life, but watching Donald Trump be publicly humiliated is one of them.

After three of Trump's lawyers quit in a single day, activists and people across the internet began ruthlessly mocking the former president for his inability to hang onto legal representation.

On Monday, Attorney Joe Tacopina and his two partners, Chad Seigel and Matthew DeOreo, will no longer represent Trump in a case where he is being accused of falsifying business records in an attempt to hide hush money payments to former adult film star-turned-reality TV host Stormy Daniels to keep an alleged affair hidden in the lead up to the 2016 presidential election, Newsweek reports.

The lawyers also said they would no longer represent Trump in an appeal of a damages verdict that found Trump liable for sexual abuse and defamation last year and was ordered to pay journalist E. Jean Carroll $5 million.

Tacopina and his two partners are far from the only Trump lawyers to quit. According to a timeline by Forbes, more than 10 lawyers have resigned since 2020, which doesn't include Trump's former lawyers who have been indicted.

And because sometimes we really are that lucky, people couldn't have gotten to social media faster to roast the former president for losing yet another set of lawyers.The Occupy Democrats X (formerly Twitter) account likened Tacopina quitting to rats fleeing a sinking ship, while the anti-Trump account Boston Smalls wrote, "I see another Trump lawyer quit. Hey Maga, remember when trump was running for president and he was like, 'we're gonna win so much you're gonna get tired of winning?'"

While another user posted a photoshopped image of Trump at trial wearing a ball gag and wrote, "Trumps going to prison. Ask his lawyer that just quit on him.

And another person wrote, "Trump's lawyer Joey Tacopenis quit because he knows Trump is guilty af and because every other one of Trump's lawyers either gets arrested, goes to jail, or gets disbarred. So much winning!"

Sit back with a glass of wine and a bowl of popcorn and read all of the funny and astute things people are saying about Trump's legal fiasco — in this dumpster fire of a political climate, sometimes we have to treat ourselves!