As Trump made his decision on climate pact, here’s what the Weather Channel wanted him to see on the afternoon of June 1.

After President Trump announced his intention to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement, the Weather Channel tailored its homepage to emphasize the effects of climate change.

Leading with the headline, “BREAKING NOW: Trump pulls U.S. Out of Paris Climate Agreement; What That Means,” programmed its homepage so that a string of seven stories seemed to read out a message to Trump.

So, What Happens to Earth Now?” began the series of links. “Still Don’t Care? Proof You Shouldand More Proofand Even More ProofOr the Imminent Collapse of a Key Ice ShelfOr Antarctica Turning GreenOr California’s Coast Disappearing Into the Sea.”

By pulling out of the agreement, the U.S. joins Syria (which did not send a representative to the conference) and Nicaragua (which did not think the agreement was strong enough). Trump had previously said that climate change was a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. In a briefing following Thursday’s announcement, White House officials declined to answer a question about whether or not Trump believes climate change is real.

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