Trump confuses Twitter by calling himself ‘Mr. Brexit’

Dylan Stableford
Senior Editor

Donald Trump took to Twitter on Thursday to declare he will soon have a new nickname: “Mr. Brexit.”

The name refers to Britain’s decision to leave the European Union that caught many by surprise. Polls leading up to the June referendum showed public support for staying slightly above those wanting to leave.

And Trump, who trails Hillary Clinton in recent polls, seems to be predicting he’ll win the November election despite such data.

But the mysterious tweet left many Twitter users confused and others struggling to explain it.

“I see a result coming, and I know if I can get to that position we’re going to turn this country around so fast,” Trump told “Fox & Friends” in an interview from the campaign trail that aired Thursday morning.

A Fox reporter then told Trump, “The country’s changing. The world is changing. We saw Brexit and now we’re seeing it in the United States.”

“Well, I think I’ll be called Mr. Brexit,” Trump replied.