Trump news: President cancels Alabama rally over coronavirus fears as criticism mounts over Russian bounty controversy

Joe Sommerlad, Chris Riotta, Alex Woodward
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    Putin, who is likened to “a chess grandmaster” making short work of (Trump) “an occasional player of checkers.”

    That line is equally hilarious and accurate! LMFAO
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    Al Pic
    The article didn't mention a word about the Alabama Republican Coo Clux Clan, Trump Campaign Rally.
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    Under Trump, the US's influence in the world has collapsed. In Europe Trump is largely ignored, except as a joke. Trump's presidency has been an ongoing car crash, we don't say "well it couldn't get any worse" because we know inevitably it will.
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    He cancelled the Alabama rally because he fears another attendance like Tulsa!
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    Trump scraps Alabama rally over coronavirus fears. Remember when Trump was saying this virus was no worse than the seasonal flu? I do. Remember when Trump showed up at press conferences and rallies wearing a protective mask to show strength and leadership in the face of a very dangerous virus? I don't either. So I guess Trump has changed course once again. Now the virus is a very real danger to the country but more importantly to his reelection.
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    So Ridiculous
    Trump reportedly said "Alabamans - you know I like Alabamans. Alabama is what America is all about and Alabama is better than ever under my administration. We'll go back to Alabama and when we do it will be the best trip to Alabama anyone has ever taken. And Alabamans big and tall and short and small will come out to greet me. ANd they'll be happy because I will have made them happy and they want to continue to be happy which is why they will vote for me. "
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    The world no longer respects anything about this country. Since when is this acceptable. Trump has go to go! He puts down everyone and everything except for himself. His successor is going to have quite a challenge.
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    No,Prometheus, No!
    I'm not so sure about getting rid of trump and all the GOP and the rest of the present politicians we have.. I kind of feel like they need to stay in office so EVERY AMERICAN will know, with out a doubt, who sank our ship.... But four more years of a tantrum throwing senior citizen.. NO THANK YOU!
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    "Coronavirus concerns" didn't stop the fake president from holding his Tulsa Nuremberg rally the other week. It's just a convenient excuse to avoid another staggering embarrassment when the promised " millions of attendees" don't show up and conform the fake president is officially on his way out.
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    Nah. He just didn't want to see a nearly empty arena again