Trump Slammed for Lack of Empathy After Thumbs up Pictures With Florida Shooting First Responders

Tom Porter

President Donald Trump has been criticized for a “tone deaf” photograph of himself making a “thumbs up” gesture and grinning broadly while posing with police officers and medics who responded to the Florida high school shooting.


Trump gave the thumbs up gesture while meeting hospital staff who treated victims of the Florida high school shooting White House

Trump posed for the image while visiting Broward County Sheriff’s Office on Friday, and shortly after updated his @realDonaldTrump Twitter banner with the image.

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Critics said that Trump’s upbeat gesture was puzzling given the gravity of the incident, in which 17 students were shot dead.

Some criticized the president for failing to show empathy.

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Democratic Wisconsin Representative Mark Pocan tweeted “How can you stand there smiling and give a thumbs up when 17 Americans were killed in one of the nation’s deadliest school shootings?”

“Where is your courage to stand up to the @NRA, @realDonaldTrump?”

Neither the White House nor Trump has responded to criticism of the images.

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Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited officers and victims of the shooting Friday, where the president focussed on praising the reaction of emergency services rather than memorializing victims.

"What a great job you've done, and we appreciate it very much," Trump told officers at the sheriff’s department. "Everybody is talking about it."

He added: "I hope you are getting the credit for it because believe me, you deserve it. The job you have done is unparalleled."

In a visit to Broward Health North Hospital where many of those wounded in the shooting are being treated, Trump posed with medics making the same thumbs up gesture.

"It's an incredible thing," he said of the speed with which people were taken for treatment at the hospital after being wounded. "I want to congratulate them."

He did not publicly greet the families of any of the children killed in Wednesday's attack by former student Nikolas Cruz, reported the The Washington Post. In remarks to reporters, he did not address the issue of gun regulation reform. 

In the wake of the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting in which 20 young children were killed by gunman Adam Lanza, President Barack Obama famously wept at a White House press conference where he called for tighter gun restrictions on gun ownership. 

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