Trump’s social media censorship lawsuit ‘hard to make sense of’, say legal experts

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Donald Trump (PA Wire)
Donald Trump (PA Wire)

Former US President Donald Trump is suing tech giants Google, Twitter and Facebook, claiming that he is the victim of censorship - but legal experts are saying the paperwork is hard to make sense of.

The class action lawsuit targets the three companies’ CEOs after Trump was suspended from his social media accounts after the Capitol riots in January.

The former president has called the lawsuit “a very beautiful development for our freedom of speech”, claiming he has been “silenced” and “banished” from their platforms, arguing his First Amendment rights have been violated.

A French court is ordering Twitter to provide details on what it is doing to tackle hate speech, saying the firm must give clear details about its strategy to crack down on offensive content.

Twitter in France has so far declined to comment.

Tech giant Tencent says its QQ messaging service will stop “tricks” used by gaming addicts to get around the digital curfew imposed by the communist government regime.

In China, what’s known as a “midnight patrol” or “zero-hours cruising” is cracking down on young gamers using facial recognition to stop them playing between 10pm and eight in the morning.

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