Revealed: Donald Trump's four point plan for dealing with North Korea (and there's NO military action)

Donald Trump has a four-point plan to deal with North Korea – but it doesn’t include a military option, it has been reported.

The four-point policy plan has reportedly been revealed by a South Korean politician following a meeting with the US State Department official responsible for policy on North Korea, Joseph Yun.

Yun briefed South Korean politicians at a meeting on Thursday on the Trump administration’s approach to North Korea, according to Korean news agency Yonhap.

Four options – but they apparently don’t include military action (Pictures: Getty)

He is said to have told them that President Trump signed a State Department policy report calling for exerting ‘every possible pressure’ diplomatically on North Korea, including four main strategies.

They are: not recognising North Korea as a nuclear state; imposing every possible sanction and pressure; not seeking a regime change and resolving the problem with dialogue.

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But the report apparently does not include a military option against North Korea – despite President Trump reportedly discussing the possibility of launching a nuclear strike on the regime using two submarines stationed in the region.

Rodrigo Duterte – the Phillipines President with whom President Trump apparently discussed possible military action against North Korea

The US president reportedly discussed the possibility – though stressed “we don’t want to do that” – during a phone call with Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte in which he is said to have referred to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un as “a madman with nuclear weapons”.

He reportedly suggested that Duterte call Chinese leader Xi Jinping and pressure him into resolving the situation, but reiterated: “If China doesn’t do it, we will.”