Trump's slump - Disapproval ratings for US president hit new high and half of Americans favour impeachment

Disapproval high for Donald Trump (Rex)

Donald Trump’s disapproval rating has hit an all-time high of 60%, according to a new poll.

The ABC/Washington Post poll found that six in ten Americans ‘disapprove’ of his performance in office, which includes 53% who ‘disapprove strongly’.

At the same time 63% have backed the Robert Mueller investigation examining Russian attempts to interfere with the 2016 US Presidential election, which saw Trump victorious, and half of all Americans favour beginning impeachment proceedings.

Only 36% approve of his time in office, and only three per support of black voters approve of his presidency.

New York protesters calling on Donald Trump to be impeached (Rex)

Approval ratings among women are 12 points lower than men, the poll also found.

The findings come just two months before Congressional elections and cap off a bad few weeks for the controversial leader.

In recent days, his former campaign manager Paul Manafort was convicted of fraud and faces a long jail sentence.

And his personal lawyer Michael Cohen was indicted for fraud, including a charge of overseeing illegal campaign finance actions which he said Trump directed.

Sixty one per cent of those polled said that if Cohen’s claims were true, they believe the president has broken the law.

And 45 per cent of Republicans say they do not approve any potential presidential pardon for Manafort, as has been hinted in some quarters.

Another 53% believe the president has obstructed Mueller’s investigation.

Special investigator Robert Mueller (Rex)

His approval rating, says ABC, is the lowest for any president since the 1940s.

The survey was carried out by Langer Research Associates and included a random sample of 1,003 adults.