Truss pledges to ‘reinvigorate’ Tory grassroots to secure election wins

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Conservative leadership candidate Liz Truss (Dylan Martinez/PA) (PA Wire)
Conservative leadership candidate Liz Truss (Dylan Martinez/PA) (PA Wire)

Liz Truss has pledged to “reinvigorate” the Tory grassroots by giving local associations greater autonomy over selecting candidates.

In an email to Conservative Party members, she said she was “inspired” by their “dedication to our shared endeavour”, and reflected on her own experience as an association chairman, local government candidate and councillor.

Among the proposals she outlined to “reinvigorate our grassroots” was a pledge to “boost the autonomy of our associations over candidate selections”.

The Foreign Secretary did not specify how she would give local associations greater freedom in choosing candidates, or how she might reduce the involvement of Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ).

Ms Truss also said she would establish a network of professional agents to “keep us on an election-winning footing at all times”, and support new MPs through “twinning arrangements” with established Tory organisations.

And she pledged to better resource a “Lib Dem Unit” in CCHQ to support associations and candidates facing “strong Lib Dem challengers”.

She wrote: “If you elect me leader, I will ensure that we pass our party on to the next generation in an even better shape than it is today. That is my commitment to you.”