Try This Easy Peasy Way To Peel Garlic That Takes Just Seconds

We could peel all of these in SECONDS now.
We could peel all of these in SECONDS now.

We could peel all of these in SECONDS now.

Peeling garlic is truly one of the most thankless cooking tasks – it’s fiddly and it takes ages.

And, there’s probably reason for that – like most things, we’ve been doing it wrong.

Enter TikTok user @schrodingersbrat and her garlic peeling hack that is blowing up on the video sharing platform.

Who knew it could be as easy as simply pulling each clove out one by one using the knife?

Forget peeling off the skin, the content creator simply stabs the knife into a clove and yanks it out – minimal fuss required.

The video, which she has titled ‘I’ve almost perfected my knife trick for plucking out peeling garlic cloves’, has garnered praise from other kitchen enthusiasts who have begged for a tutorial.

One person wrote: “The satisfaction every time you take them out.”

While another added: “Whaaat! I gotta try this!”

When asked why she doesn’t opt for the ‘shake in a jar’ garlic peeling method, the TikTok user replied: “Is it just me but I’m too lazy to do that. I don’t have a jar with a lid and I don’t want to wash 2 extra bowls LOL.”

Be warned though – practice definitely makes perfect when it comes to anything using knife skills, so be careful!