TSA Officer Jumps Over Conveyor Belt to Save Choking Baby at Newark Airport

A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent jumped into action after hearing a mother’s cries for help, leaping over a conveyor belt at Newark Liberty International Airport to save a choking infant on December 23, the agency said.

This footage, uploaded by Lisa Farbstein, a TSA Spokesperson, shows officer Cecilia Morales, a trained emergency medical technician (EMT) with 10 years’ experience, jumping over a checkpoint conveyor belt, and performing the Heimlich maneuver.

According to the agency, Morales “held the infant carefully to keep his airway open. Then she placed him facedown on her arm and patted him on the back. No response. She tried again, and the second time, he started to breathe again.”

Morales carried the baby through the metal detector, too, with the mother too in “shock to hold her son,” and waited for the pediatric EMT to arrive.

The TSA Federal Security Director for New Jersey, Thomas Carter, labeled Morales a “life-saver” and called her actions “inspiring.” The TSA said both the mother and child are doing well. Credit: Transportation Security Administration via Storyful

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