London Tube commuters display amazing queue etiquette without being told at Canary Wharf station

Eleanor Rose

If there is one thing Londoners now how to do, it's how to form a polite and orderly queue for public transport.

And in a classic display of "impeccable British manners", Tube commuters were this week pictured lining up to get on the Jubilee line at Canary Wharf station.

Passengers, some reading a paper or a book, had patiently formed a queue without being told at the busy commuter hub.

A delighted Tube commuter posted the image to Reddit under the caption: "British queueing success at Canary Wharf."

People described Canary Wharf as "the most organised of all Tube stations" and commenting on the display of "impeccable British manners"

One person suggested that the queue was so orderly because the station is not often used by tourists.

"Beautiful," wrote one person, while another asked: "Is this an Olympic event?"

Another person however highlighted the potential pitfalls that could await regardless of the tidy queue.

"The ironic thing is, once everyone gets on the train there they behave the standard Tube a****** not moving down the train," he wrote.

The Centre for London thinktank has warned that Londoners are becoming less polite.

In October it, called for a new "civility code" to stop people in the capital from being rude and unfriendly to one another.