Tube Map Shows How To Scale The World’s Tallest Mountains, On The Underground

A new map shows how many times commuters need to ascend various stations on the London Underground in order to climb the equivalent of some of the world’s tallest mountains.

Produced by retailer Snow+Rock, the guide encourages Tube travellers to ditch the lift and climb the escalator.

It claims that taking on the climb at Euston station just 40 times is the equivalent of the ascent to the summit of Ben Nevis.

To conquer ‘Everest’ all Tube users need to do is tackle Hampstead station 151 to make up the 8,848m climb.

A post on the company’s blog says: “We’re currently taking a fresh look at the London Underground network and seeing what adventures we can find in some of its deepest stations”.

Using the hashtag #UrbanMountains, the company has tweeted teasers for various Tube stations.

The most manageable climb is Holborn, where just 34 ascents will make up the 1,085m that it takes to reach the top of Snowdon.

H/T: Telegraph